Watts That Trend 

The Challenge

Watts that trend asked us to produce a set of promotional videos for their brand to introduce new lines of clothing. The brand wasn't sure what style they wanted or how to get the outcome they desired. We worked with them to ensure the final videos would reflect the brand and targeted the right audience.

The Solution

We decided to film a one minute video incorporating all the looks, and broke them up into 3 separate videos so the content could be posted individually. We also filmed a behind the scenes video of the clothing being photographed for the website. This gave the brand extra content to post on socials in addition to showing their personality to the customer.

The Outcome

We believe the story of a business is incredibly important and should play a part in your marketing strategy. These videos will help future customers to understand the brand and the clothing it sells. They show the brand takes care and puts attention to detail into their marketing. Videos create engagement whilst promoting the brand and building the companies presence online.