Ellen Rea Marketing Manager 

Hey! I love helping businesses build their online presence and creating exciting strategies. It's fun for me watching businesses grow and develop because of the content we make! I'm really interested by the psychology behind marketing and attracting specific clients. Working with a variety of businesses allows me to explore and adapt to lots of audiences!


Cameron Bruce Head of Creative

Hi! I've had a passion for storytelling all my life and I think video and photography are some of the best ways to show your stories in this new digital world. The power of these mediums is it lets you diversify yourself in the crowded 

market place and highlight what makes you different. I'm happiest when behind the camera or watching stories unfold in the edit, I'm an RTS nominated documentary filmmaker and my love of film and storytelling transfers perfectly into the marketing work I do.


Our Office

We are based at our Office/Studio in Northumberland but work all over the North East as well as occasional jobs further afield in locations such as London & Europe.