Talent Green House

The Challenge

Talent Green House came to us to help them produce video content for a new competition they were developing. The competition was pitched as a learning journey, so even those who were unsuccessful could learn and grow through the process. 


The idea was that entrants selected to go into the competition would go through a series of learning modules comprising of different lessons on subjects which would interest them. We devised that these modules would be based around; mentorship, social media marketing, creativity, sustainability & show preparation. 

The Solution

Each lesson would be a ‘Masterclass’ style video interview with one of Davines’ many artists, employees and collaborators. To film the interviews, we travelled to many different locations, from London to Parma in Italy and set up where we could to produce the best possible content. We helped devise questions for the participants and formed a big picture view of the project as a whole, breaking down where each video would fit in the process. 


After being granted creative control over the project we set about breaking the interviews up and getting the right lessons into the right modules in a way which would be easiest for the entrants of the competition to follow. At the end we had 5 modules with over 35 different videos among them and produced some extra introduction video content to launch the competition. 

The Outcome

The videos have been a great success with both the competition entrees and the mentors who partook in the interviews, and they can easily be repurposed and implemented in other video or social media marketing strategies.