Renovo Solutions Ltd

The Challenge

Renovo asked us to produce a brand video for their company to introduce what they do and highlight a new machine they had invested in. They wanted a sit down interview with the managing director and a set of questions, in addition to a shorter video showing off their equipment and machinery.   

The Outcome

We believe the story of a business is incredibly important and should play a part in your marketing strategy. These videos will help future customers to understand the brand values of the company in addition to viewing the equipment first hand. Putting a face to a brand allows the potential customer to feel a sense of trust in the ability of the company. Videos create engagement whilst promoting the brand and building the companies presence online.

The Solution

We decided to frame the interview set up with Antony in front of their most recent machine, as they wanted to discuss the benefits of it. Together we came up with a set of questions that would both tell the story of the business, and show what they could do. For the shorter video, we decided slow motion would really show off the equipment and give the viewer a chance to really see the action in depth.