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Why Your Business Should Be Outsourcing For Media Content!

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

The debate of outsourcing vs hiring in house for media content is a discussion all businesses will have at some point, and it really depends on the nature of the business. Hiring an employee for a specific task is a simple enough thought but finding a single person that fills all your needs is a daunting task. For example, let’s say you want to grow your business online. The employee you hire that specialises in marketing, may not have the ability to also produce content in the form of video and photo. By outsourcing, you’re able to tick a wider range of boxes and have accesses to a wider range of skill sets!

Hiring an employee full time can be costly. Not to mention holidays, insurance, sick pay and just generally being in charge of their wellbeing. By outsourcing for your media content, you get a team specialising in marketing, social media, video and photo content without these worries. The fee for what your specific company needs are will most likely work out a lot cheaper per month than hiring an employee, saving you money whilst adding more value! In addition to this, I can say as someone who has previously worked in house providing the video and photography, I honestly spent a lot of time not doing much- the workload just wasn’t there. You want the videos, the photos, the high performing socials- but you don’t have enough going on to justify an employee? Outsource!

By outsourcing, you’re allowing yourself to focus on your primary company needs. Whether it’s construction, sales, service, anything! You already have a job to do, why give yourself an extra thing to worry about?


You don’t need to hire an employee to have amazing content marketing. By outsourcing, you get a whole range of services for a lot less capital! Okay so maybe we’re biased, and maybe it’s not for you! But if you think you could benefit from outsourcing for your media content or even if you just want a bit more information, just give us a shout! We’d love a chat!

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