Davines Education

The Challenge

Davines Education wanted to produce a series of educational tutorial videos as content for both internal and external use. These videos had to be professionally made and filled with helpful tips and steps to aid up and coming hairdressers as they try to learn more about their craft.

Risorsa 3EDU.png

The Solution

We devised a number of different options for this content and then set about planning. An important consideration for us was how the content would differ for each medium it was implemented on. As a result, we created different length and style videos for the different platforms. This included short snappy content for use on social media, longer step by step guides for website and video hosting platforms like YouTube, as well as long form lessons for Davines’ internal use when training their teams on the looks. 

The Outcome

We strongly believe that educational content designed to help your audience/customers is one of the most powerful marketing strategies to implement. These tutorials are multipurpose as they help Davines’ customers grow and expand their knowledge whilst also promoting the brand and their voice to as wide an audience as possible.