Atlantis Tanks Group

The Challenge

Atlantis tanks wanted to implement video as a marketing strategy to promote themselves digitally. Their goals were to boost lead generation and sales whilst also promoting their brands voice and raising awareness of their brand and the products they offer. It was decided that case study videos and product focused content would be one of the most beneficial avenues to pursue for marketing their business to potential clients. 

The Solution

For the product videos we had to show what made Atlantis products different from that of competitors. This meant that product knowledge and industry knowledge was a must. We developed product videos which highlighted the key features of the Atlantis products so potential customers could easily see the benefits and gains from choosing it over other options. A big goal with these videos was to imbue a sense of trust in Atlantis, both in the existing client base and with new potential customers. Because of this the case studies became more personal and story driven than some traditional case studies might be. We introduced the customers and who they were then used this to highlight Atlantis’ products more organically as opposed to it being effectively a sales pitch. 

The Outcome

The Videos have been implemented on social media and website landing pages where they have helped boost conversions and sales. They have also been used successfully in email marketing, as points of reference when trying to entice new customers and as interesting content to highlight value propositions in the emails.